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Here are some common questions about Compozly


How do you connect artists together?

Compozly connects video producers and artists together based on several factors such as genres, mood, instrumentations and and other project details. The goal is to find the perfect match between video producer and film composer so that each projects recieives the custom music that is required.

How does Compozly work?

It’s pretty simple.

You submit a project through our website with all the details you want. We find composers that match those details. We connect you directly with the composer you have a direct line of communication for how your music should be composed.


Does Compozly have a mobile app?

Great question! We currently don’t have a mobile application, but plan to build one in the future.

What is Compozly's fee?

We make it a point to compensate our composers well. To us, that means charging a minimal transaction fee for each film score project. Compozly has a small 5% transaction fee for our service per project. So if a Composer is working on film score project that has a budget of $1,000, then he/she would receive $950.

Do composers need a video demo reel?

Composers are not required to have a video demo reel in order to score projects. However if you do have a video reel, you can embed it on your Compozly profile. This will allow potential collaborators to quickly see your work.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, contact us here.

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