What is Compozly?

Compozly brings together Filmmakers and Composers to blend custom music with visual media to create something amazing! Compozly is “people first”, where the collaboration itself is as important as the final piece of music.

Anyone creating a video project understands the importance of how music can be one of the best ways to show off the tone, mood, and emotion of their work.

Finding the right composer who fits your criteria is always the most difficult part of the process. Compozly aims to eliminate this stress by our matching service based on your specifications.

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Make your music ideas come to life

Whether it be film, video, podcasts or any type of media, we believe your project is unique and should have high-quality music nobody else has heard. We are not another royalty-free stock music site with the same 10,000 music tracks you’ve heard in other videos. Nor do we like the idea of you wasting hours of your day searching for the music track that could “kinda” work in your project.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned filmmaker in need of a score, or a new podcaster who wants an intro music track, we have a composers that will transform your musical ideas into professional compositions. You don’t need to know the intricacies of how music works in order to work with us. We make the collaborative process seamless so you get the exact piece of music you need.

I'm a Filmmaker

  • Custom project briefs to find composers that match your budget, instrument, genre, and mood
  • More options to create custom music tracks
  • Automatic notifications to ensure your film is complete
  • Promotional aid via film festival submissions
  • Expanded social media reach
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I'm a Composer

  • Create an intuitive composer profile to showcase your talents.
  • Safe and secure transactions between composers and filmmakers to avoid stolen music
  • Free media uploads for sharing music and videos on your profile
  • Resources to help you improve your skills and activate more scoring gigs
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Walt Kruhoeffer
Founder, CEO

Walt is the founder of Compozly and a fellow music composer. Walt’s professional experience started out with producing videos for a variety of technology corporations and production companies.

Walt has always been passionate about writing music ever since he was a little kid playing piano and baritone. When he’s not working on Compozly, he is most-likely writing music for film or cranking up one of his seven guitars up to 11 with his rock band Postcard West.


Adam Galloway

Adam is a content creator for Compozly and a fellow music composer. He has been scoring films since 2012 and releasing original & cover songs as Muzikm4n since 2017.

Despite no formal training in composition, Adam has spent many years learning how to produce and compose music that provides filmmakers with effective and unique scores.

Our Core Values

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  • Testimonials and ratings
  • Transparency at every level
Customer Success
  • Develop and cultivate partnerships between filmmakers and composers.
  • Help your creative projects be successful before, during, and after.
  • Simplicity / Ease of use
  • We are the first place to give composers access to more filmmakers and scoring gigs through our unique matching service
  • We are the first place to give filmmakers a curated place to look for the right composer for their projects, whether it be a one time gig or a long term relationship for future work.
  • Diversity and Inclusion.
  • With Compozly, we hope to bring a wide variety of filmmakers to the forefront!

Composing for a Cause

We believe that business can be used as a platform for good and that music has the power to change lives. From day one of the company’s founding, we decided to partner with non-profit organizations in an effort to give back to the local music and arts communities. That is why the company plans to dedicate 1% of our yearly revenue to help fund these music education programs for underserved youth