Compozly Product Release – September 2023

Sep 13, 2023Product Release

We’re happy to announce that this month we released the largest number of features to our platform in Compozly’s history. It’s been over a year in the making, but we’re finally delivering on our vision of building a music seamless and secure online collaboration platform between video creators and music composers. Here’s what we’ve been working on over the last year and a half for this September 2023 product release.


Highlights for Video Creators and Filmmakers

Search for Composers Based on Musical Preferences

As a filmmaker or video creator who needs custom music, you can now quickly find the perfect composer to hire for your project using our newly updated discover page. From the discover page, you are able to refine your search based on the moods, genres, instruments, rates, lyrics and location in order to find the perfect composer to create your custom music tracks. By default, the discover page will list the composers at the top of the page who are the most recently active within the Compozly platform.

You also have the ability to granularly search for composers on Compozly by typing their first name, last name or username (artist name) within the search bar. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you can view a composer’s Compozly profile to learn more about their experience as well as listen to his or her music to help inform your hiring decision. If you still have questions that you’d like to ask the composer directly, you can message them by selecting the “Chat” button directly from the search results page, or on a composer’s Compozly profile page when logged into your account.

Check out this quick 1 minute video demo to learn more.

Start a Project to Create Your Custom Music Track

The vision all along for Compozly is to empower video creators to easily create their own custom music for their unique projects. We know that every project is unique – and therefore requires custom music tailored to your needs. Thats why we’ve built the “Start a Project” feature to enable any video creator or filmmaker to create music for the following project types:

  • Short Films
  • Feature Films
  • Social Media Videos (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels)
  • Podcast Music
  • Video Games
  • Corporate Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Radio Jingles

This video tutorial walks you through how to quickly create a project on Compozly to get started. Check it out.

Easily Collaborate Directly with Music Composers Online

As a filmmaker, have you ever listened to a royalty-free music track from one of the many commonly used libraries and thought to yourself “if only could customize this to fit my video”? Well, we’re happy to announce that day is finally here. We’ve released a set of new features on Compozly that enable filmmakers and video creators to get the exact custom music that fits a specific project.

This video walks you through how filmmakers and video creators can get started working with a composer.

Whitelisting Domains

In order to build security and trust into the end-to-end collaboration experience, we’ve added a new feature within that whitelists the most popular 3rd party file storage platforms that composers and filmmakers can use to share audio and video files. We vow to go the extra mile to make sure that video creators and music composers are linking to files hosted on secure and trusted file storage sites. The following 3rd party platforms are allowed within the Compozly collaboration experience.

Screenshot of Whitelisted Domains Modal Warning


Highlights for Music Composers

Accept Payments as a Composer

Composers are now able to get paid for their projects by linking a bank account with their Compozly account. Once different milestones are reached within the project timeline, filmmakers will then be prompted to pay the agreed amount to the Composer in order to proceed to either the next step in the timeline, or download their finished music track. Below are a few more details on how Composers can get paid within the platform.

    • Composer must first link their Compozly account with their financial institution
    • Payouts via Stripe are not enabled in select countries. Please review Compozly’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
    • Composer payouts are triggered upon approval of first draft and final project milestones within the platform
    • Composers receive 90% of their earnings in PRO account and 85% of earnings in their free account


Once you have finished linking your bank account in your Compozly profile, you’ll be able to view all the transactions and payouts from within your account when you select the “Manage Payments” button.


Compozly Stripe Dashboard Integration Screenshot

Customize Your Profile Page

Composers and Filmmakers have the ability to easily change their Compozly profile pages to easily showcase their music, demo reels and other video projects – all from their Accounts Settings page. Composer accounts can also easily embed their SoundCloud music within their Compozly Profile page for others to listen to. As a Composer, the “Chat” button is now visible on your profile page so that any filmmaker or video creator can easily chat with you to start collaborating.


Image of Composer Compozly Profile


These are just a few of the new features we’ve added to the platform for this release. We have many more features in store that we plan to release over the coming months as well. If you have a new feature you want to propose or notice an issue with your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love hearing your feedback.

Happy composing!

– The Compozly Team

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