Our vision is to provide professionally composed music for all creators.

How we help creators

Compozly helps creators get the exact music needed for any type project. Whether it’s a film, YouTube, video game or podcast - every type of creator needs high-quality music to make their projects stand out. By connecting creators with their own personal composers, we help our customers drive greater success with every project they release.

Start a project and describe the moods, genres and
instruments you want
Match your project with over 600 composers globally
Collaborate directly with composers to create your music

How we help composers

Compozly enables composers of all different backgrounds to easily create a robust composer profile that showcases your video and audio projects from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other music platforms. We facilitate a secure collaboration process between every composer and creator to ensure timely payments to composers while avoiding stolen music.

Customize your composer profile and collaborate with creators.


Meet the team


Walt Kruhoeffer
Chief Executive Officer

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Scott Marshall
Chief Operating Officer


Igor Stencel
Chief Technology Officer


Adam Galloway
Chief Marketing Officer & Composer

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