Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
How do you connect composers & filmmakers?

Compozly connects video producers and composers together based on several factors such as genres, moods, instrumentations and other project details. The goal is to find the perfect match between a video producer and music composer so that each project receives the custom music that is required.

Does Compozly have a mobile app?

We are currently developing a mobile app that is compatible among all phone types - coming soon!

What forms of payments do you accept?

We currently accept credit cards through our secure Stripe payment portal.

Composer questions
How do I use Compozly as a composer?

Sign up and create an account with us, fill out your profile, then give us some time to find you scoring projects, that’s it! Please be patient, as the ratio of composers to filmmakers may be high. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get a project right away, we aim to match all composers with a filmmaker at some point. Continue to improve your skills and profile while we work our magic to find you scoring work :)

Do you have any composer courses or skill development help?

We are currently developing some video courses, podcasts, and partnering with composer-focused skill development companies to bring online composing & music development aid to Compozly directly. Coming soon!

Why am I not getting scoring projects as a composer?

Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s us! Unless it’s you haha which means you might need some extra skill development and practice to become a better composer. Don’t feel bad about this though, every composer starts somewhere, and the quicker you focus on improving, the more gigs you’ll get :) We’re here to help in that process!

Filmmaker questions
How do I use Compozly as a filmmaker, film director, or film production company?

It’s pretty simple. Start a project through our website with all the details you want. We find composers that match those details. We connect you directly with the composer and you have a direct line of communication for how your music should be composed.

After starting a project as a filmmaker, what’s next?

Compozly will begin taking your specifications of moods, instruments, and/or genres to find you a composer that will bring your vision to life!

Still have questions?

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