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“I was looking for unique and custom music for my podcast but didn’t know how or where to start. Even though I lacked a formal background in music, my composer Adam was able to put my ideas directly into the music effortlessly. We both enjoyed a friendly, yet professional collaboration that ended with a piece of music that far exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be using Compozly for future projects!”
Kristin Clarkman
Podcast Host, The Stories of Bellingham Podcast

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  • Custom project briefs to find composers that match your project type, budget, instrument, genre, and mood.
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  • Compozly creates an easy way to collaborate with composers to make changes and edits quickly.

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  • Create an modern composer profile to showcase your talents.
  • Safe and secure transactions between composers and filmmakers to avoid stolen music or unclear instructions.
  • Recieve creative fees, royalties, and fair rates that pay the composer for their hard work.
  • Resources to help you improve your skills and activate more scoring gigs.
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